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Email for Commission Inquiries Only:


Below you'll find a brief explanation of my price system. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Character (Per Appearance)

Basic $10-25 usd

Detailed $15-35 usd

The primary determining factor in a piece of art is how many characters I'm drawing, including multiple illustrations of the same character. This price may go up due to complexity or go down if only a small amount of a character is visible. This is true for illustrations, comics, reference sheets, icons, and any other type of commission.


Basic $5-10 usd

Detailed $10-15 usd

These prices reflect the addition of an illustrated background and/or any objects in addition to the characters. May be increased for very large or complicated backgrounds.


Basic $5-10 usd

Detailed $10-15 usd

There is a small charge for multiple different versions that all have significant changes, like different effects, clothing, etc.


As mentioned above, there is no explicit limit on the content of a commission, though I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

Our OCs

The following characters are available for use in commissions:

Nax the Mouse - Reference Sheet (FA)

Veng the Cat - Reference Sheet (FA)

Terms of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the following terms.


Payment must be USD via paypal. Do not pay me until I agree to the commission. I will send you an invoice. Once I am paid via paypal, your commission will go in the queue.


When your commission is next in line, I'll notify you when I begin working on it. I will send you the lined version first, then a colored version, and finally the shaded version (if ordered). Each time I send you a version, I'll take your notes into account for any adjustments, within reason.


I reserve the right to refuse any commission. I also reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time and you will be refunded. A commissioner can also cancel at any time, but will only receive a partial refund if I have already spent time on the commission, as determined by me. There are no refunds for completed art.


You are allowed to post any work I have done for you, as long as credit is given. You may not sell my artwork or claim it as your own. You may not edit any of my art, even if I drew it for you. I reserve the right to post art I've done for you, but you can remain fully anonymous as the commissioner.


I will make up to 2 minor edits on the final copy for free. After that, additional edits will be charged. Any mistakes made by me won't count against this limit, but changes based on unclear description or decision changing will.